The New Way of Living

Five-year plans, are you kidding? The Universe can’t deliver what you want when you’re not at home.

Dear Magnificent Navigators,

Remember when it was important to have a five-year plan?

Seriously? Even a one-year plan seems ridiculously out to lunch during the times we’re living in! Why is that?
There's a new way of living and being on this planet. One in which going day by day makes a whole lot more sense when it gets connected to the bigger picture. Things seem to be moving faster these days. In this perceived reality where time feels different, it may be crucial to slow things down by concentrating on where we are now, today, while still keeping an intention open for how we want our life to unfold in the future. It’s also good to remind ourselves that life may have far bigger plans for us than we could ever conceive of ourselves.

Which is why it is more important than ever to develop your inner compass, the GPS system inside of you that will guide you at a moment’s notice through all of the diversions, delays, road blocks, and unplanned dead ends—getting you back onto your path. It is time, once and for all, to put this inner journey FIRST—to become self-aware and awaken the skills necessary to ride the road. Or for goodness sakes, move over and get off the road! Otherwise, you stay stuck and become dangerous to others around you, just adding to the traffic and confusion.

Yes, it can be daunting to take action, to acknowledge that the time is NOW. But haven’t you been ready for a while to get results? You’ve had a project to launch, a book to write, a plan to move, or a desire for a better, healthier relationship.

You believe that if you just keep doing more and working harder, it will come. You ask, “Why aren’t things happening for me yet? When I have another degree, I can publish the book. If I relaxed more, I could get pregnant. If I keep going over it again and again I will find what’s wrong so that I can make more money.”

Tap into that capacity inside yourself, the part of you that is plugged into the larger network. The part that sees the bigger picture. The higher self has bigger plans for you than you could ever imagine.

Unfortunately, you have been handed a bill of goods, a belief system that told you that you needed more to be You... that you were incomplete. That to get what you wanted, you needed to do more, work harder, be stronger, push ahead, because you weren’t quite right as you were.

Actually, it’s the other way around. You already make the grade now. You are qualified to do the job of being you—NOW.

Get to know WHO YOU ARE. I guarantee it will be the hardest thing you will ever do. No five-year, one-year or one-day plan is more important. Because any plan that gets put in front of this one will be doomed until you get a working knowledge of just WHO is doing the planning.

Not to panic. YOU have always been inside of yourself all along; you just got lost along the way. It’s easy to think you need something outside of yourself to make yourself complete. It’s time to rediscover yourself again, and get back in touch with who that is.

You also possess all of the necessary equipment to guide you on your way towards the life you are here to live. However, you have been listening to others’ GPS systems and have mistaken this is for your address. That is why you’re not getting your packages!

God / Universe / Spirit can only send your things to YOUR address when you’re at home. Would you expect anything else?

So while you’re busy wishing you had a different house, copying someone else’s way of being in the world, you are not even living at your own house!

Go back to your own house. It’s been there all along. Dust off the cobwebs, take time to walk through each room. Air it out. Take the time to go inside to those places in your mind that are truly you. Are you following your own dreams and wishes, or the ones of your brother, teacher, sister, friends, spouse? Do you even know what they are?
Knowing WHO YOU ARE is the most important accomplishment you will ever achieve. That little icon on your personal GPS system is your North Star. It is your inner compass that will guide you with an unwavering sense of FAITH and TRUST, knowing you have everything you need.

Do you want a delivery? Then go HOME.

Deliveries can come at any time, in a form you may not have planned, in a condition you may not have imagined or bargained for.

That’s how you will learn your way, by driving and navigating through it.

You probably have a project that you want to put out in the world, or a desire for something that you feel would make your life more complete. You are still stuck in the fear.

Fear that you are incomplete and will always need more outside of yourself to be qualified to receive what you want. Realize that this is nonsense and send love to that little part of you.

Go back Home to yourself and develop the Trust and Faith in YOU.

Are YOU Ready?

As you take each step I will be there reminding you of your Magnificence, and I will continue to do so, until you are able to see it in yourself.

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