The War in Your Own So-Called Spiritual Home

A radical new way to gain peace of mind

Nothing is ever just in your head. Nothing is ever just in your body. They are intrinsically linked—always.
–Dr. Christiane Northrup


Dear Loving Friends,

Robberies, murders, wars are all advertisements. Every single act that we watch on the news or read about in the newspaper subliminally broadcasts to the viewer the mindset of the accused.

A holdup at a bank, for instance, blatantly reveals the consciousness level, education, and circumstances of the accused. Most of all, it exposes what they yearn to attain from an outside source, which in the case of this robbery is money. If only they could have articulated their yearnings for what was really at the core, namely happiness, peace, safety, security, contentment, and love.

It probably would have sounded like a prayer.

What they were hoping to attain was no different from what any of us want.

When some or all of these qualities seemed to be missing, they searched outside of themselves, thinking they would find these very things in the material possessions of the world.

The same is true with spiritual qualities. Take peace for example.

Don’t we still give outer circumstances the power to dictate our peace of mind? The incessant pounding of the hammer, the condescending partner, the barking of the dog, even the disappearance of our keys.
“If only I had more time for this deadline… if everyone would be quiet while we meditated… if only they would be more sympathetic to my dietary restrictions.”

We wage mini-wars, executions and emotional murders, all of these conveniently in our own homes. We go off the rails, judging, demeaning others, blaming and generally making a miserable stink around us. But it doesn’t make the headlines. These crimes don’t generally lead to indictments and serving time. However, they cost us pieces of ourselves, our innate power and peace of mind that could be ours if we could only harness it.

It is very convenient to blame others. It gives us an excuse to blow up. It allows us to avoid looking at ourselves and taking responsibility.

Responsibility is what will set us free and will stop the wars. When we want something, we have to BE it. We can’t expect to have world peace if we can’t even achieve it in our own back yard.

You want peace? It has to be unconditional, REGARDLESS of the conditions that present themselves to you. This is the distinction. The point. This is what the real work is all about. The Miracle Mindset is when you see that only you have the power to adjust your mind to the conditions that are set forth.

You, like the rest of the world, want to feel peace, happiness, contentment, and joy. Yet when you only want happiness your way, like a quiet house, an understanding spouse, a working website, you will continue to be dependent on these conditions in order to achieve it.

Forget about these criteria. Strive to achieve happiness in ANY circumstance, regardless of anything that goes on outside of yourself.

It is an inside job. It is a choice inside your mind.

In Course in Miracles, it says: “Peace of mind is clearly an internal matter. It must begin with your own thoughts, and then extend outward. It is from your peace of mind that a peaceful perception of the world arises.” (1:2-4)

Most think that the world is the cause and happiness is the effect. This isn’t true, it’s the opposite actually. The mind is the cause and how each person sees the world is the effect.

You cannot ACHIEVE peace or happiness from the world itself or from the people and things in it. You bring these to the world. They flow through you as you become WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

Instead of reacting to media reports, refuse to add to the momentum. Respond with what you are and what you want to see. With your mind reflected outwards, respond with compassion, kindness, understanding, humility, and love.
When you identify with peace and wholeness, this is what you will see. Peace to all.

Are YOU Ready?

As you take each step I will be there reminding you of your Magnificence, and I will continue to do so, until you are able to see it in yourself.

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