Angry huh?

Acknowledge Beliefs

Nothing binds you except your thoughts; nothing limits you except your fear; and nothing controls you except your beliefs.
–Marianne Williamson


Dearest Brilliantly Ruffled,

Sometimes it's hard to figure out just why we are angry. A pervasive anxiety seems to exist in the everyday, in every situation and every moment. It seems as though we could be tipped just beyond the boiling point at any moment. Life is not as tranquil as we wish it to be.

This should come as no surprise, realizing that we've been taught from an early age that life is unkind. We were prepared for someone or something to attack us, so we were put on the defense against some unknown. We’ve all heard, “People are untrustworthy, nature is violent, food is unsafe,” and so on.

It’s easy to feel that quite simply, the world is out to get us! We have become accustomed to the subliminal hum of fear and anxiety in our lives. These chains of oppression weigh heavily on us. Deep down it causes us to be always on the defense and to react to what is coming at us. We mistakenly believe that retaliation is our only recourse. We soon discover these counter-attacks leave us continually drained and offer no real solution. In fact, they invoke additional assaults from others, thus perpetuating a cycle of more the same.
Haven’t we all driven down the road and had the urge to flip someone off simply because we felt they attacked us when cutting in front of us? We feel justified in reacting with anger only until finding out that the antagonist of this story is an old lady with poor eyesight who is only doing the best she can.

We all walk around like bottles of soda that have been shaken up, waiting to explode on the things to potentially happen. For years we have been spoonfed with the notion that life isn't safe. Was that the truth?

Under layers and layers of armor, we ended up learning to protect ourselves against a world that we were taught was unkind, unfair, and unjust. And we believed it. Hook, line, and sinker. So if we believed the world was hostile, then the only way we could see the world was as hostile.

It is a self-fulfilling prophesy. It’s not that you will believe it when you see it. It is quite the contrary. As Dr. Wayne Dyers best selling book explains, “you’ll SEE it when you Believe it.” Our perception of the world works from the inside out first. Not the other way around.

The exterior world is an interior condition.
- The Course In Miracles

We now walk around scared, angry and waiting to explode—wondering why a life of peace and contentment seems so out of reach. That is the price we pay for our belief that the world is hostile.

When we say we want more peace, clarity and harmony in our lives, what we really need to do is step back and take a good look at what we’re focusing on. It's time to acknowledge the beliefs that have been running our lives.
Thoughts become beliefs and beliefs become our subjective reality, which are the filters through which we see the world. This software that we have downloaded needs to be updated.

We simply can't change what we don't acknowledge. That's denial. Look at the patterns in your life, at the areas where you’re running around empty, confused, and scared. If you check your cell phone, immediately you’ll find a barrage of negative and scary information from texts, emails, etc. This needless information can cause feelings of separation from others—as if you have to compare and compete.

We’ve all been taught that it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. This can cause us to panic and spin into a state of needless anger. Is this an excuse? NO, it's a wake-up call!!

Tune out the things that cause you to suffer needlessly. Realize that “the world is out to get us” is a common conditioning. Think about the toll this has taken on you, the wasted years of worry and the protective shell you’ve created in order to manage this worry.
It's time to see with eyes of compassion for yourself and for others. What is a miracle? It's NOT that new things will appear in front of you, it's that you will see what's in front of you with new eyes. You will be able to see things in a new way, therefore transforming what has been in front of you the whole time. That’s a miracle.

Realize that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. When you were a child you saw through eyes that had no fear, judgment, or anger. Then, as a direct result of domestication and conditioning, gradually you lost this ability to view the world as fun, safe, and secure.
The next time someone cuts you off on your way to work, remember WHO YOU ARE and see the occurrence from this compassionate new perspective.
You are pure magnificence. Divine. Shine that onto everyone who comes into your experience. You're capable of miracles, remember?
Are YOU Ready?

As you take each step I will be there reminding you of your Magnificence, and I will continue to do so, until you are able to see it in yourself.

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