Jennifer Schuitemaker is an international Author, speaker, owner and executive designer of  JENNIFER SCHUITEMAKER jewelry. This former fashion model was born in the United States and educated in Europe. Jennifer was imprinted with a natural affinity for new thought and ways of thriving.

Traveling extensively, she dissected different cultures ways of expressing, studying the teachings of both past and present masters.  Jennifer challenged the current archaic belief systems most spiritual and religious authorities are still clinging to. Resulting in a revolutionary way of living, thinking and being empowered in life.

Throughout her journey, JENNIFER discovered that what she was searching for all along was inside of her the whole time. Knowing that to be true for EVERYONE, JENNIFER has dedicated her life to debunking the myth that we are somehow broken and need to be fixed.

Jennifer's teachings are not for the seeker who looks to find herself in yet another formula, seven step plan, new mantra or shiny car, as these inevitable fail or wear off. Formulas can only offer solutions towards something that is broken or missing. "Nothing was ever wrong with you," Jennifer says emphatically; "You were always imperfectly perfect."

We are conditioned to believe we are not 'there yet' which keeps us on a perpetual hamster wheel of outside solutions. "Stop healing all the problems you never had in the first place," she adds.

The JENNIFER SCHUITEMAKER esthetic is for those who wish to reconcile their passion for living large, distinct, and vibrant lives in a world that still doesn’t embrace its own amazing potential.

Each JENNIFER SCHUITEMAKER piece is designed to empower women to express their inner beauty and magnificence out into the world.  For being yourself truly and authentically has more power to serve the world than any other purpose. Your uniqueness in every respect is a gift and one that leaves an imprint on everyone whom you encounter.

Be Bold! Be Beautiful! Express what you came here to express!

We are all a blank canvas. What we wear on this canvas is the masterpiece we bring to our lives each day. Allow JENNIFER SCHUITEMAKER to be the bridge to your masterpiece.


Buddha with Bling - Jennifer Schuitemaker